Repairs to the vestry roof

£3426 need for repairs following the theft of lead

All are welcome at St Mary’s but overnight on the 2nd and 3rd of March we had the most unwelcome of visits - thieves who stripped the lead off our vestry roof.  Thankfully, our insurers have covered the cost of replacing the lead with a steal substitute including the underlying plywood base and ceiling insulation.  Rainwater damage to the interior of the vestry was severe; the ceiling had to be replaced and the vestry required redecorating throughout.  The cost of the repairs was £15,560, all but the £500 excess being paid by our insurers.
Unfortunately, whilst replacing the roofing, our builders discovered a defect in the original construction of the vestry which requires immediate remedial work if the roof is to be waterproof.  This urgent remedial work isn’t covered by our insurers and we need your help to raise the £3426 to pay for the repairs.
Thank you for your support.

Vestry roof.JPG